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Remember at the beginning of the web , I said that somewhere sometime someone is gonna call you a "devil-worshipper". Well mondern day "Satanists" that follow the Lavey teachings probably dont like to be called that either, but, I dont think they will lose any sleep over it either. Satan and Witchcraft have been linked for quite sometime and being that Halloween has roots in both( and yes it does, if we are to say that halloween has roots in christianity then it most certainly has roots in modern day satanism). I say "modern day Satanism" because like the new pagan and witch groups, satanism has evolved as well. It has evolved from the "depraved" pyschotic horror stories of the past to a logical "dark" life alternative to those who are different, like the autumn people. Here are excerpts from Dr. Anton LaVey's "Satanic Bible" written in 1969. All magickal beings must accept each other first!
"Satanic Bible Verses"
Man needs ceremony and ritual, fantasy, and enchantment. To the Satanist-"God"- by whatever name is called, or by no name at all is seen as the balancing factor in nature. Positive thinking and action add up to results. Satanism is the only religion known to man that accepts man as he is, and promotes the rationale of turning a bad thing into a good thing rather than bending over backwards to eliminate the bad thing. The highest plateau of Human development is the awareness of the flesh! Be as a child and do not stifle desire, lest you lose touch with the first ingredient in the performance of magic. Be led into temptation, and take that which tempts, whenever you can!(This does not promote stealing or breaking of laws of society) Satanism represents a form of controlled selfishness. This does not mean that you never do anything for anyone else. If you do something to make someone for whom you care happy, his/her happiness will give youa sense of gratification. Satanism is dangerous in that it encourages strong relationships between two people rather than mechanical adherence to a programmed group activity. Loyality to a mate or even a pet is more dangerous to a despotic regime than enthusiasm for "causes". Satanism is dangerous for the economy in that it advocates conservation of enjoyable and useful artifacts of the past rather than aquiring the new for newness sake.

When a satanist commits a wrong, he realizes that it is natural to make a mistake-and if he/she is truely sorry about what they have done, they wil learn from it and take care not to do the same again. Positive thinking and action add up to results. The watch word of satanism is INDULGENCE instead of "abstinence. But is not "compulsion". Satanist are anathema to the pious, the sanctimonius, and the hypocritical. They should also be the nemesis of the pompous. Satanism is not a white light religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal- All of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the left hand path. Satanism represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates ! Satanism has been thought of as being synonymous with cruelty and brutality. This is so only because people are afraid to face the truth-and the truth is that human beings are not all benign or all loving. Just because the satanists admit he is capable of both love and hate, he is considered hateful. On the contrary, because he is able to give vent to his hatred through ritualized expression, he is far more capable of love- the deepest kind of love. By honestly recognizing and admitting to both the hate and the love he feels, there is no confusing one emotion with the other .

There is no sacrifice of children or animals in the modern satanic ritual, indeed the child and animals are revered for their natural magical abilities. satanists are taught that the body is a vesssal of nature and is beautiful in all its forms. Nudity is a beautiful and natural expression of our faith in our selves as witches, vampires and others! Sex between consenting adults (not children or animals ) is one of the most high magics there is, but there must be intimacy between the participants ,for just sex for the sake of sex or magic will fail and leave the celebrants empty and useless. Erotic sex appeal is a most useful tool for any witch or vampire, the art of seduction can never be overrated.

Rituals of magic should be fun , enchanting and mysterious. The use of masks are very useful and also serves us to let go of our inhibitions in order to draw the energies that we need to perform rituals.

Like any religion we will wish to learn all that we can about it, having a teacher would be ideal ,but for most of us that is not a possible thing. Practical application is our best teacher , learn by doing

Books are wonderful tools, just as any other magic tool, but knowing where to find something is just as important as memorizing a long litany. Know what to do with the knowledge you seek, be able to perform your ritual the way you want it to be .
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