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Witches and Vampires?
Now some of you may not agree with what I am about to say,and that is o.k.,you dont have to,but be open minded enough to at least consider it. I have researched the witch and vampire all my life, and I found that others also held what I am about to say as at least a possibility. I have found that the witch and vampire may have been at one time one in the same or at least the descriptive words used to descibe them. Up until recently the word "witch" has been used for a female magic-user,while "wizard","warlock" or even "magician" has been used for the male magic-user. However according to descriptions and sources that go back further, the male witch or magic user may have been called what we have come to call a "vampire". "Like the werewolf(which was originally associated with the power of a witch), the vampire has been associated with witchcraft! The word itself comes from the hungarian and/or slavic, although some scholars suspect it may be of older origin, coming from possibly the turkish word for "witch"."Doreen Valiente-"ABC's of Witchcraft" "The description of the vampire hold many similarities to the witch, Both spend much of their time at night as well as having knowledge of the supernatural arts." " The power of the vampire is very great and many-sided, even in "his" lifetime can kill people and even eat them alive; can bring into being, or remove, various sicknesses and epidemics, storms, rain, hail, and such; He cast spells on the cows and their milk, the crops and the husbandry generally, he knows all the secrets and the future,etc. Besides this he can make himself invisible or transform himself into various objects, especially into animal forms."--Galacian Folklore.
So you see this is why I make my statement as i did , it at least may be another explanation as to why the witch and vampire has been and is so closely linked at Halloween.
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