Witches and Wizards

Witch Regalia

Every Halloween you see many people,children and adult dress up in the "witch costume". The native americans call their ceremonial and ancestrial dress "regalia" as do many other cultures. So I feel that the "traditional" dress of Halloween Witches should be called "regalia" as well.

Traditionally witches of ancient days when doing rituals and ceremonies went "skyclad" or nude to achieve greater power by connecting to nature, as do some witches of today.

Many witches prefer to wear robes or very "exotic" stlye clothes with talisman and amulets.
Regardless, I like the saying that I read in a book called "Wyrd Sisters", where one of the older witches stated ,"What good is being a witch if nobody knows it?", well obviously there is much good about being a witch, even if you are the only one knowing, however I liked the sentiment, and for the tradition of Halloween Witch, I firmly believe one should be proud of the modern day "regalia"and wear it proudly!

Now dont fret, I havent forgotten us wizards/magicians/warlocks. The female magick makers arent the only ones with "regalia".

In olden times, wizards wore robes and hats, we are all familiar with the conical shaped hat of the typical wizard, but they also wore other stlye hats as well, such as these pictured above. Hats are an important part of the males regalia, they symbolize power, wisdom and status of being a wizard or magician.

Some magicians/warlocks wore stylish capes and sported shaven heads to create awe and sometimes fear!
Masks have been and are still used in ceremonial magick, creating a link from this world to the ethereal realm and also providing refuge to be uninhibited and free to explore all the possibilites of magick!

As you can see, I have chosen a bit of all the above mentioned regalia as part of my Halloween Tradition. We are all Autumn People after all!

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