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First let us look at the art of witchcraft. Art comes in many forms, such as painting, sculpting, music, and drama and much more! The art of witches and most especially wizards, combines almost all of the mentioned and more, most especially "drama". Being able to "imagine" oneself as another creature or being takes skill, it is a first step to "transforming" oneself, to see through the "eyes" of, oh lets say a cat. You need to be able to feel like a cat, act like a cat, to be a cat. In other word you need to know how to be a good "showman".

The science of witches includes but not limited to such modern sciences such as chemistry, physics,astronomy, parapsychology,ESP,psychokinensis as well as older traditional witch sciences such as divination,healing and spellcasting.
Since the study of nature and our earth is a part of todays science, it is also a part of witch and wizard studies as well, it always has been. Magick is working in balance with nature ,not against it. listen to the birds and watch the animals before a storm. Hear the trees and watch their leaves turn in wait of rain. Observe the seasons change and the workings of insects. Learn wisdom form our world and all its inhabitants.

Alright then, you want spells, enchantments, rituals and ceremonies!
The most popular spells are usually Love, Lust,and Money. Lets start with Love. The first rule of magick is that we dont put spells on anyone who hasnt asked us. We can put spells on ourselves, so if you want "True Love" then gather up your materials. You will need rose petals, pink or white ones. A Pink or white Candle, love oil can be used to consecrate the candle or any type of perfume used in attracting either male or female.
The full moon or waxing moon is usually best for these workings. Around midnight(between 12 am and 1 am )is the best time, on a wednesday if you are looking for marriage. Light the candle, boil the petals and visiualize that true love is coming you way, that you have it in your heart and soul, that you are surrounded by the embrace of love. Keep doing this until your candle has nearly burned out. Then take the boiled petals and bury them in the ground. Tell no one what you have done, Your true love will be on their way to you , be keen to notice
Lust is a different matter, it doesnt last long but burns fiercely. Use a red candle and red rose petals. Visiualize that you are the sexiest creature alive and that lust is a natural part of your life, no guilt trips, no long commitments, think of whatever makes you feel lustful and sexy! do this again until the candle is nearly out, burn the red rose petals in a safe container, scatter the ash to the winds and see just how sexy you are to all!
Money spells are a bit tricky. You will not become a millionaire, but you may find opportunities to become one if done properly.Use a green candle, money oil and five new pennies. Annoint the candle with oil, burn candle and visiulaize money already in your pocket, bank account or whatever. Keep doing this until candle is nearly out, bury the pennies near your home!
Here is a little protective chant for you, who like me, prefer the Halloween Traditions.
"Wolves, vampires,satyrs, ghosts! Elect of all the devilish hosts! I pray you send hither, Send hither , send hither, The great gray shape that makes men shiver!"

"Halloween spell to destroy weakness" a piece of archment paper dragons bloodink black candle iron cauldron Using the dragons blood ink, write on the parchment whatever weakness you wish to be rid of. Crumple the parchment as you concentrate upon your intent, then set fire to it by holding it above the caudron, then set it inside of the cauldron and let it finish burning. As the parchment burns to ashes , so too, will your weaknesses.
There are more spells of much more complicated degree out there, but remember the best spell is your own.
More to come