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Voodoo as practiced in America, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti has roots in African magick mthat was brougt over by african slaves during the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. In a bid to avoid persecution for their pagan beliefs, the slaves superimposed their gods onto the Christianity of their masters. By this infusion various spiritual traditions were formed in the countries that I just named, such as Macumba and Candomble, Santeria and Nyannego, Bongoism and African Cumina, Shango, Voudoun and Hoodoo! Hoodoo folk magick in America had influences from Jewish and Pagan folklores of European immigrants coupled with plant and herbal lore of Native American shamanism.
Names are believed to be imbued with magickal powers, thus those who practice Hoodoo will take on a name that will give them power such as Doctor Snake or Crow.

The Voodoo altar is very much like that of other altars including the witch. Spirtuality and magick have much in common, as does all of the practitioners, when you get rigt down to it.

Death in voodoo is not a mourning hideous thing but a time of celebration that the person has moved on to a new adventure. Coffins and skulls are used in rituals to remind us to live here and now to better prepare for the long sleep and eventual arising.

Veve's are magickal symbols used in voodoo to appeal to entities and deities , possesion in voodoo is a marvelous and enlightening event. There is much knowledge to be found about our cousin religion Voodoo and its related traditions, I hope this has peaked your curiosity.
Here is a recipe for a Black Cat Gumbo Feast
For removing jinx's on Halloween night at twelve midnight. The ingredients in Black Cat Gumbo are very powerful for both physical and spiritual health. Sassafras powder is good for the heart, blood disorders and hypertensions. Onions have iron and bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C. Garlic is good for reducing high blood pressure and warding off evil spirits. Cayenne pepper will clear up mucous, and keep viruses at bay. Rice is used to bring good spirits. It is also used for the Loa Nago Shango. Chicken is used to honor the Loa Erzulie, as well as the Loa Lengue-Sou. Seafood that is used in gumbo, for example,oysters and shrimp, honor the Loa Agwe-Troyo. Black cats will appease a good spirit. A voodoo Loa is merely a saint or deity and the above Loa's are said to enjoy the taste of these particular foods. enjoy and bone-appetit. lol.
Offering for Loas and saints
Agwe St. Expedite bananas , apples and rum
Azacca St. Isidore red grapes and figs
Azaka Mede St.Andrew figs, mint and rum
Damballah St. Patrick or Jesus or God(male/female) red apples, green grapes, bread and figs plus bananas and rum

Legba St. Peter bananas, yams and bread
Ogoun Baladjo St. james bananas, figs and grapes
SiAdaman St. Anne Bananas, yams and apples
St. Pierre & Ti-Jean-Petro St. Anthony Bananas and yams
Erzulie the virgin mary bananas, figs, yams, honey and cinnamon
Guede St.Gerrard bananas, and rum plus bread
Papa La Ba The Devil Black rooster sacrificed and its blood offered
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