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The Puppets Of Gargoyle Manor

These are some of our prized puppets.

This is a stick puppet dressed in a bright gown of her culture.

This is Jerry McGee, he is Dr. Dradorius's partner in ventriloquism.

This is a semi-professional figure copied after Jimmy Nelson's Danny O'Day.It was made in 1967.It has a stick up into its neck with a string to open the mouth.The body is hollow and the head can move.
This is Harry O'Shea, we just got him this past christmas. He has winking eye, raising eyebrows and moving eyes.
This is a Druid marionette that we just got from The republic of Czech.
This is Boris The Vulture, he enjoys a new guest for dinner every once in a while .
Juro Celebrity dolls version of Edgar Bergen's "Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd"

These are wonderful animatronic puppets ,a wedding couple, they sing.

This is a hand puppet designed to speak from a makeshift grave.

This is a very large marionette, we do not have one here at the manor, however we can special order them at a reasonable price for very serious collectors or haunted attraction owners,, call (276) 694-6756 or email gammons_us@yahoo.com

This is a Clown "Scarionette that we both have in our museum and for sale at Gothic Charms our store. www.gothic-charms.com