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end image_1--> "Just a little witch on high, She'll tell you that your love is nigh. Your fortune on Halloween when told My secret will the witch unfold."-Nineteenth-century Halloween card.

Halloween has always been a time of divination, that is looking into the future and sometimes past and present.
In olden times simple traditions of peeling an apple over a tub of water and letting the peel drop into the water ,and whatever letter the peel forms will be the first letter of your true loves name.
Tarot cards,Palm reading and crystal ball gazing have become the most common tools of diving the future.
Gazing into a mirror on Halloween night in the light of the moon also will show you the face of your true love.
Gypsies came from India, bringing with them Tarot cards.
Today in India a deck of fortune-telling cards called "atouts" can be found, and are very similar to Tarot cards.
The earliest known Tarot cards date approximately from the same time that the Gypsies started leaving India and spreading across Europe. So we have the Gypsies to thank for our tarot divination tool.